Published the Irish National Cyber Security Strategy (2015-2017)

Published the Irish National Cyber Security Strategy (2015-2017)

The Irish National Cyber Security Strategy (2015-2017) sets out how Ireland will engage with a dynamic and challenging aspect of developments in digital technology, setting out the Government´s approach to facilitating the resilient, safe and secure operation of computer networks and associated infrastructure used by Irish citizens and businesses.

This document engages with the various threats and hazards coming from cyber-space, and sets out the high level strategic goals that form the basis of national policy in this area, establishing the measures that will be taken in respect of each.
This strategy presents a cross-government framework for ensuring cyberspace remains safe, secure and reliable, with an emphasis on task-sharing and building trust relationships between the State, public and private partners, academia and civil society.

In particular, the strategy focuses on:
- To improve the resilience and robustness of critical information infrastructure in crucial economic sectors, and particularly in the public sector.
- To continue to engage with international partners and international organisations to ensure that cyber space remains open, secure, unitary and free and able to facilitate economic and social development.
- To raise awareness of the responsibilities of businesses and of private individuals around securing their networks, devices and information and to support them in this by means of information, training and voluntary codes of practice.
- To ensure that the State has a comprehensive and flexible legal and regulatory framework to combat cyber crime by An Garda Síochána that is robust, proportionate and fair, and that accords due regard to the protection of sensitive or personal data.
- To ensure that the regulatory framework that applies to the holders of data, personal or otherwise, is robust, proportionate and fair.
- To build capacity across public administration and the private sector to engage fully in the emergency management of cyber incidents.

The Strategy also includes the establishment of the National Cyber Security Centre within the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, and
details how that body will engage with its three primary areas of responsibility: government networks, personal and business systems, and the protection of critical national infrastructure. This will build on the existing Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT-IE), established in late 2011.

Follow the link below to read the Irish National Cyber Security Strategy:

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