Cybersecurity Strategic Goals in China´s first public Military Strategy

Cybersecurity Strategic Goals in China´s first public Military Strategy

The People´s Republic of China released today its first public "Chinese Military Strategy".

The strategy clearly outlines an "active defense posture", following some strategic goals:

- to build a strong military;
- to implement the military strategic guideline of active defense;
- to accelerate the modernization of national defense and armed forces;
- to safeguard resolutely China´s sovereignty, security and development interests; and
- to provide a strong guarantee for achieving the national strategic goal of the "two centenaries" and for realizing the Chinese Dream of achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

The strategy also highlights China´s growing concerns over cyber-security and cyber-warfare activities, noting that outer space and cyber-space have become new commanding heights in strategic competition among all parties. So, threats from such new security domains as outer space and cyber-space will be dealt with to maintain the common security of the world community.

As cyber-space weighs more in military security, China will:

- expedite the development of a cyber force;
- enhance its capabilities of cyber-space situation awareness;
- enhance its capabilities of cyber-defense;
- give support for the country´s endeavors in cyber-space;
- participate in international cyber-cooperation, so as to stem major cyber-crises;
- ensure national network and information security; and
- maintain national security and social stability.

You can read the strategy here:

martedì 26 maggio 2015

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