Chinese Intrusions into U.S. Key Defense Contractors

Chinese Intrusions into U.S. Key Defense Contractors

Hackers associated with the Chinese government successfully penetrated the computer systems of U.S. Transportation Command contractors at least 20 times in a single year, intrusions that show vulnerabilities in the military’s system to deploy troops and equipment in a crisis, a U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee investigation has found.

The year-long investigation found that TRANSCOM, which is responsible for global movement of U.S. troops and equipment, was only aware of two of those intrusions. It also found gaps in reporting requirements and a lack of information sharing among government entities that left the command largely unaware of computer compromises by China of contractors that are key to the mobilization and deployment of military forces.

These and other findings are included in a report, “Inquiry into Cyber Intrusions Affecting U.S. Transportation Command Contractors,” that the committee approved unanimously this spring. The committee released an unclassified version of the report today.

Read full report here:

venerdì 19 settembre 2014

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