UK launches its first National CERT

UK launches its first National CERT

On 31th March, the Rt Hon Francis Maude MP launched CERT-UK, the UK’s national Computer Emergency Response Team.

CERT-UK will take the lead in coordinating the management of national cyber security incidents and will act as the UK central contact point for international counterparts in this field.
CERT-UK will also work closely with industry, government and academia to enhance UK cyber resilience. This includes exercising with government departments and industry partners, sharing information with UK industry and academic computer emergency response teams and collaborating with national CERTs around the globe to enhance our understanding of the cyber threat.

CERT-UK has 4 main responsibilities that flow from the UK Cyber Security Strategy:
1. National cyber security incident management.
2. Support to critical national infrastructure companies to handle cyber security incidents.
3. Promoting cyber security situational awareness across industry, academia and the public sector. 
4. Providing the single international point of contact for co-ordination and collaboration with other national CERTs.

CERT-UK does not have responsibility for the national infrastructure but will work closely with those companies that run the critical national infrastructure. 
CERT-UK will provide advice and guidance to help companies prepare and protect themselves, as well as expertise to help respond once an incident is reported.

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