French´s military Pact on Cyber-Defence disclosed

French´s military Pact on Cyber-Defence disclosed

The French Minister of Defence, Jean-Yves Le Drian, has disclosed on friday, 7th February the "Pact on Cyber-Defence" of the France.
Raised as a national high priority in the French "White Paper on Defence and National Security 2013" and in the military programming law 2014-2019, cyber-security is one of the major strategic issues for the France´s security.

The Pact is composed by six strategic pillars and 50 measures. The strategic pillars are:

1. Harden the security level of information systems, and the defence and response means of the Ministry [of Defence] and of its trusted partners.
2. Prepare for the future by increasing effort in technical and academic and operational research, while supporting the industrial base.
3. Strengthen human resources for cyber-defence and build the related career paths.
4. Establish a cyber-defense center of excellence in Brittany in favor of the Ministry of Defence and the National cyber-community.
5. Cultivate a network of foreign partners, both in Europe and within the Atlantic Alliance and in areas of strategic interest.
6. Foster the emergence of a national cyber-defense community build on a circle of partners and reservists.

Download the French´s "Pacte Défense Cyber" below.

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