The UK National Cyber Security Strategy and Forward Plans

The UK National Cyber Security Strategy and Forward Plans

Two years have passed since the first UK National Cyber Security Strategy was published and much has been done by the UK Government towards delivering the four Strategy objectives for the "fifth domain" of warfare:

- making the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business in cyberspace;
- making the UK more resilient to cyber attack and better able to protect our interests in cyberspace;
- helping shape an open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports open societies; and
- building the UK´s cyber security knowledge, skills and capability.

Nevertheless improving the UK´s cyber security is and will remain a top priority for the UK Government, and the 2013 Spending Review directed a further £210 million to the UK National Cyber Security Programme in 2015-16, on top of the £650 million set aside over the previous four years.

This document gives an outline of the UK cyber security forward plans, which will focus on the core goals of:

- further deepening the UK national sovereign capability to detect and defeat high-end threats;
- ensuring law enforcement has the skills and capabilities needed to tackle cyber crime and maintain the confidence needed to do business on the Internet;
- ensuring critical UK systems and networks are robust and resilient;
- improving cyber awareness and risk management amongst UK business;
- ensuring members of the public know what they can do to protect themselves, and are demanding good cyber security in the products and services they consume;
- bolstering cyber security research and education, so have the skilled people and know-how needed to keep pace with this fast-moving issue into the medium-term; and
- working with international partners to bear down on havens for cybercrime and build capacity, and to help shape international dialogue to promote an open, secure and vibrant cyberspace.

You can read this document here:

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