UK Intelligence and PRISM

UK Intelligence and PRISM

In a written statement - attached below - the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee, which oversees the work of UK intelligence agencies, after investigating said there is no basis that the Government Communications Headquarters (known as GCHQ) was circumventing UK law by using the NSA´s PRISM program to access the content of private communications.

According to the statement, the nine-member Committee has taken detailed evidence from GCHQ to state that they hadn´t circumvented the law, including:
• a list of counter-terrorist operations for which GCHQ was able to obtain intelligence from the US in any relevant area;
• a list of all the individuals who were subject to monitoring via such arrangements who were either believed to be in the UK or were identified as UK nationals;
• a list of every ‘selector’ (such as an email address) for these individuals on which the intelligence was requested;
• a list of the warrants and internal authorisations that were in place for each of these individual being targeted;
• a number (as selected by us) of the intelligence reports that were produced as a result of this activity; and
• the formal agreements that regulated access to this material.

However, under the heading "Next steps", the Committee said that while GCHQ hadn´t circumvented the law, "it is proper to consider whether the current statutory framework governing access to private communications remains adequate".

Download the UK "Intelligence and Security Committee of Parliament" statement below.

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

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