China Cyber Capabilities

China Cyber Capabilities

Until now the Obama administration avoided directly accusing both the Chinese government and the People’s Liberation Army of using cyber-weapons against the United States in a deliberate, government-developed strategy to steal intellectual property and gain strategic advantage.
Instead in the 2013 Pentagon’s annual report to Congress on "Military and Security Developments Involving the People’s Republic of China", released on Monday, the U.S. administration explicitly accused China’s military of mounting attacks on American government computer systems and defense contractors.

The report described China’s primary goal as stealing industrial technology, but said many intrusions also seemed aimed at obtaining insights into American policy makers’ thinking. It warned that the same information-gathering could easily be used for "building a picture of U.S. network defense networks, logistics, and related military capabilities that could be exploited during a crisis."
But the Pentagon´s report also describes a China that has now leapt into the first ranks of offensive cybertechnologies. It is investing in electronic warfare capabilities in an effort to blind American satellites and other space assets, and hopes to use electronic and traditional weapons systems to gradually push the United States military presence into the mid-Pacific nearly 2,000 miles from China’s coast.

Read the report here:

martedì 7 maggio 2013

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