Aircraft Hacking and Hijacking with a Smartphone

Aircraft Hacking and Hijacking with a Smartphone

In 2010 I wrote a paper entitled "Cyberwarfare and its damaging effects on citizens" in which I have analyzed the damaging effects, in terms of loss of human lifes, that an hypothetical cyber-war or individual acts of cyberwarfare could cause to citizens of a nation under attack.
In these forecasts I focused the attention especially "on electronic control systems on civil and military aircraft" and on "air traffic and airspace control systems" cyber-threats.

From forecast to reality, yesterday at the "Hack In The Box" conference in Amsterdam Hugo Teso, a security consultant at n.runs AG in Germany, made an extremely well attended talk about the completely realistic scenario of plane hijacking via a simple Android app.

By taking advantage of two new technologies for the discovery, information gathering and exploitation phases of the attack, and by creating an exploit framework (SIMON) and an Android app (PlaneSploit) that delivers attack messages to the airplanes´ Flight Management Systems (computer unit + control display unit), Mr. Teso has demonstrated the terrifying ability to take complete control of aircraft by making virtual planes.

If you missed it, I really suggest to download the slides of Mr. Teso´s talk here:

You can also download my paper "Cyberwarfare and its damaging effects on citizens" here:

venerdì 12 aprile 2013

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