The French Cyber Defence Reservists Network

The French Cyber Defence Reservists Network

On 4th April, the French Ministry of Defense launched a network of Cyber Defence Reservists to help the country cope with cyber-threats.
The creation of this defence network follows suggestions made by French Senator Jean-Marie Bockel in a parliamentary study released back in July 2012 and entitled "Cyber Defence: a global issue, a national priority". In this study, Bockel advocated stronger cooperation on cyber-security between the public and the private sectors.

The network of cyber-defence reservists, made up of about 40 citizens, will be expected to help in "raising awareness, debating and suggesting, organising and establishing events that contribute to making cyberdefence a national priority."

The network is divided into six workgroups: one will gather "selected journalists and individuals interested in the emergence of cyber-defence culture", while a second will be focused on raising awareness of cyber-defence issues among young people.
Two others will look at enterprises - one will target SMEs, the other large businesses - but both will have the same aim of raising awareness.
A fifth group will be focused on "supporting strategic thinking and technical innovation at universities, laboratories and think tanks", while the final workgroup will be focused on the "evolution of citizen involvement", contributing to "thoughts on the possible evolution of a specific reserve [force] dedicated to cyber-defence".

Here the public statement:

lunedì 8 aprile 2013

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