Largest european cyber-security exercise "Cyber Europe 2012" report

Largest european cyber-security exercise "Cyber Europe 2012" report

ENISA has published the new report of the largest ever pan-Europe cyber security exercise, Cyber Europe 2012, which is available in 23 languages.
Almost 600 individual players participated, including actors from the private sector (financial, telecom and Internet), for the first time.

Key Findings (excerpts) of the ENISA´s report are:

1. Knowledge of procedures and information flows is crucial for fast and effective response.
2. Frequent cooperation and information exchange between public and private players is necessary.
3. Public–private cooperation structures differ among countries. Parallel, and sometimes overlapping, public and private procedures on the national level thus challenged national level cooperation.
4. Countries faced challenges in crisis management decision making, although this was not included in the exercise objectives (e.g., decisions have to be taken at more strategic levels).
5. Scalability of operational procedures was a challenge, due to the large number of countries.
6. Up-to-date technical infrastructures and tools were critical for effective cooperation.
7. Efficient planning is crucial for conducting large-scale exercises.

Key recommendations of the ENISA´s report are:

1. More pan-European and national cyber exercises are necessary to improve cross country cyber crisis cooperation, which the ENISA Good Practice Guide on National Exercises supports.
2. EU Member States and EFTA countries should improve the effectiveness, scalability, and knowledge of existing mechanisms, procedures and information flows for both national and international cooperation.
3. More training in crisis procedures is necessary for all cyber-crisis stakeholders.
4. Increased private sector involvement at the national level should be considered for future exercises.
5. Input from other European critical sectors (e.g. energy, transportation) is a good next step.

The full report in all 23 EU official languages is availabe here:

giovedì 31 gennaio 2013

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