ENISA Analysis of National and International Cyber Security Exercises

ENISA Analysis of National and International Cyber Security Exercises

This report presents the results of the ENISA 2012 research and analysis by ENISA in 2012 of national and international cyber exercises carried out.
ENISA examined 85 exercises covering the period between 2002 and 2012. In total, 84 countries worldwide participated in the multinational exercises analysed in this report. A total of 22 European countries conducted national cyber-exercises.
This report aims to support European and international bodies involved in cyber exercises with lessons learned about cyber exercises and recommendations for the future.

Building on the findings from research on cyber exercises, ENISA´s report produced a number of recommendations that could increase the number and quality of cyber exercises, and thus contribute to the enhanced resilience of the critical cyber infrastructures and services:

1. Establish a more integrated cyber exercise community;
2. Exchange of good practices on cyber exercises – public–private cooperation;
3. Further development of the area of exercise management tools to support exercise organisation;
4. Aim for more complex cyber exercises on an inter-sectoral, international and European level;
5. Enhance preparedness by including exercises in the lifecycle of Cyber Crisis Contingency Plans;
6. Update the good practices for national exercises and promote good practices for multinational exercises;
7. Develop feedback mechanisms for ensuring that lessons learned from cyber exercises are implemented resulting in enhanced cyber crisis preparation.

Read the report here:

Read the executive summary of the report here:

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