Obama´s Draft Cybersecurity Executive Order

Obama´s Draft Cybersecurity Executive Order

In last weeks the Obama administration has been circulating an executive order that would bypass Congress to accomplish the President’s goals of securing the country from the risk of a computer-based attack.

From yesterday this draft document has been circulating on Internet.

Download and read the document.

domenica 16 settembre 2012

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Stefano Mele il giorno 18/09/2012 10.34.42 scrive:


thank you very much for your really interesting remarks.

In my opinion Obama is about at 50 days from the Election Day and he can´t sign an Executive Order that de facto bypasses Congress.
All the hype about this Executive Order and the document 'leak', in my opinion, is an attempt to evaluate the reaction of the Obama´s political rivals and of the sector-specific Companies involved.

Joel Harding il giorno 17/09/2012 16.46.13 scrive:

Nobody can definitively state, outside a select few in the US Government, if this is in fact THAT draft Executive Order. It is labeled HSPD, which is a Homeland Security Presidential Directive. I have two key personnel, who most likely were part of the staffing process, one of whom claims it is real, the other claims it is not. This is a win-win situation for President Obama, politically. If he is forced to sign this he looks Presidential, like a leader. All we have to do is simply ignore that this action would circumvent the legal process. On the other hand this might actually force the US Congress to act and vote on the Cybersecurity Act of 2012. If it passes he gets credit for forcing Congress to work, if it fails he gets to blame Congress for their inability to compromise and negotiate. It's a strange, strange world...