UK Gov will regulate export of surveillance equipment

UK Gov will regulate export of surveillance equipment

After the discovery last week of the well known FinFisher software - the British-made surveillance technology - the Treasury solicitor stated in a letter that the Secretary of State for business is "actively considering the possibility of international and/or EU-level agreement to further restrictions on the export of surveillance equipment. His current view is that this is by some measure the better option".

The 2012 report of the parliamentary Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) highlighted the use of British exports to facilitate repression and prolong conflict in authoritarian regimes abroad. In the wake of the Arab spring, however, 158 licences for the sale of arms to countries such as Bahrain, Egypt and Libya were revoked.
But exports of surveillance technology, which are not subject to CAEC scrutiny and do not require an export licence, have continued.

The government has hinted that the export of surveillance equipment could be subject to tighter regulation in the future.

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martedì 11 settembre 2012

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