Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) cyber tactics to undermine the opposition

Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) cyber tactics to undermine the opposition

Syria has a long and distinguished record of cyber repression, earning a Reporters Without Borders "Enemy of the Internet" sobriquet three years running. And since the revolution started, with the technological assistance of Iran and the Lebanese Shiite militia Hizballah, the operational tempo of the pro-regime Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has increased dramatically.

One of the regime´s tactics is to slow internet transmission speeds and periodically shut down the internet completely before a major demonstration in order to hamper the ability of anti-regime protestors to organize. Opposition activists become unable to upload photos or videos or to provide live coverage of events on the ground (Syria´s internet depends on one major internet service provider, the state-owned Syrian Telecom Establishment, making a shutdown relatively easy).

The Syrian regime has also used other cyber techniques to undermine the opposition.

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venerdì 13 aprile 2012

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