Dutch Government wants to expand Digital Warfare

Dutch Government wants to expand Digital Warfare

In a letter that the government sent to parliament, Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs Rosenthal and Dutch Minister of Defence Hillen reply to the joint recommendation of the Advisory Council on International Affairs and the Advisory Commission on Public International Law issues on digital warfare.

The main thrusts of the government´s response are:
- The digital threat requires an integrated approach;
- The digital domain is a new operational domain for the armed forces. Defence invests to significantly strengthen existing capabilities and new to develop, including offensive one;
- The right to self defense is also applicable to cyber-attacks;
- The government sees no need for a new global cybercrime treaty. However, the government will work on practical implementation of the applicable provisions of international law in the digital domain;
- The NATO cyber-policy is defensive, but a discussion on the use of offensive capabilities is required. Article 5 shall also apply to cyber-attacks.
- An integrated EU approach is needed.
- In 2013 a Cyber Defence Centre of Expertise (DCEC) will be established and in the 2014 a Cyber Defense Command will be build.

The document is available here:

domenica 8 aprile 2012

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