Study for a European Cybercrime Centre

Study for a European Cybercrime Centre

Cybercrime is an increasingly important concern for policy-makers, businesses and citizens alike. In many countries, societies have come to rely on cyberspace to do business, consume products and services or exchange information with others online. By 2011, nearly three quarters (73 percent) of European households had Internet access at home and in 2010 over third of EU citizens (36 percent) were banking online. Modes of connecting are growing ever more complex too. Smartphones can access high-speed data networks, enabling people to surf the Internet when on the move, and developments such as cloud computing are helping to realise the possibilities of limitless data storage.

The benefits of cyberspace are accompanied by a downside, however. Criminals exploit citizens and organisations to steal money, to commit fraud or for other criminal activities, including identity theft.

Measurement of extent and costs of cybercrime remains a challenge, though EU agencies Europol and Eurojust are making progress in training and data infrastructure needed to make accurate assessments. So, capability must be broadened and collaboration mechanisms strengthened to improve information-sharing and data collection, and expand expertise for complex cases.

A European Cybercrime Centre could address many of the current challenges but requires careful assessment with respect to most suitable options in terms of feasibility, costs, mandate, risks and relationship to other organisations.
In order to assess its feasibility, a consortium led by RAND Europe was asked by the European Commission to conduct a two-part study: firstly, to assess and evaluate the state of current efforts to deal with cybercrime, and, secondly, to consider the feasibility of an ECC across a range of different aspects such as mandate, resources, activities, risks, impact and interoperability with other organisations.

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