U.S. and UK reaffirm partnership on cybersecurity

U.S. and UK reaffirm partnership on cybersecurity

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron reaffirmed the vital partnership between U.S. and UK on cybersecurity.

Recognizing there are few areas where partnership across borders is more urgent or necessary, the President and Prime Minister noted that:

1. The digital world cannot be a lawless frontier, and commend states that are increasingly recognizing their role in promoting a just and peaceful order, condemning in the strongest terms Syria and Iran’s unilateral actions to deprive citizens of their rights to freely seek and impart information on-line.

2. They share an abiding commitment to keeping cyber-criminals from victimizing our citizens and weakening our trust in networked technology.

3. Economic security and network security are inextricable; therefore, they must do a better job of sharing cybersecurity information between industry and the two governments, while continuing to safeguard the privacy and civil liberties of citizens that are the hallmarks of open and democratic societies.

4. They cannot lose sight of obligation to carry the benefits of this technology to individuals the world over, especially its poorest, as a commitment to their future.

5. They cannot be secure in cyberspace without sharing with one another the knowledge of the threats they face, and the policies for confronting them.

6. Finally, recognize that they must stay one step ahead of cybersecurity threats by investing in cutting-edge research, and pooling the resources across borders.

The entire document is available here:

giovedì 15 marzo 2012

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