Economic and Policy Frameworks for Cybersecurity Risks

Economic and Policy Frameworks for Cybersecurity Risks

Congress and the Obama administration have advanced dozens of proposals addressing cybersecurity. While many of these bills propose admirable policies, they often attempt to address a wide range of issues under a poorly matched set of frameworks.

This paper offers three observations built around a framework of risk management to help focus the discussion:

- First, caution against conflating different threats simply because they all involve information technology. Crime, espionage and international conflict are very different threats, and grouping them together can lead to poorly framed solutions;

- Second, looking at cybersecurity from the perspective of an economist can offer important insight into identifying important policy opportunities;

- Finally, suggest a series of governance frameworks that can be used in a complementary fashion to address many of the issues discussed. It is important to note that this essay does not attempt to address every challenge we face in addressing the risks in our information infrastructure, but rather offers an approach to thinking about that risk more generally.

venerdì 22 luglio 2011

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