Project Cyber Dawn Libya - Public Release Copy

Project Cyber Dawn Libya - Public Release Copy

CSFI is officially releasing “Project Cyber Dawn Libya”.
This paper is the result of a collaborative research effort of twenty-one individuals from the USA, Australia, Canada, Egypt, Italy, Tunisia and the UK, in which I had the pleasure to be involved.

Project Cyber Dawn Libya collates, analyzes, and reports on raw data and its interconnections that have been harvested from the public domain. Recent events are correlated with known historical data to provide an in-depth view into Libyan Cyber Warfare capabilities and defenses. Through this analysis, CSFI can help the international community to understand not only Libya’s potential to influence the balance in cyberspace, but also the physical repercussions of cyber-attacks originating from, and directed towards Libya.

A public release copy of the report is downloadable here.

lunedì 6 giugno 2011

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