Reuters: In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the edge

Reuters: In cyberspy vs. cyberspy, China has the edge

Reuters has published a really interesting special report examining the escalation in cyber-based espionage activities by both the U.S. and economic rival China.
According to the results presented in the report, China is known to have successfully harvested terabytes of classified information ranging from government network login credentials to designs for critical weapons systems.
Recent reports link Chinese hackers to a multitude of operations directed at government and private enterprise targets, including:

- Aurora attacks
- Energy Companies Hit by "Night Dragon" Attacks
- Spear-fishing Against U.S. Diplomats
- Chinese Cyber Spies Target U.K Government Systems
- Canadian Treasury and Finance Systems Hacked
- DDoS Attacks on South Korea
- Microsoft MHTML Bug Exploits
- Chinese Hackers Lift Microsoft Windows Source Code
- USCC Report Details Chinese Cyber Espionage

Read the report here:

venerdì 15 aprile 2011

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