The new american cyber-strategy: Cyber 3.0

The new american cyber-strategy: Cyber 3.0

Cyber 3.0 is the name of the new strategy described by U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn at the RSA security conference Tuesday. It´s a five-part plan that will:

First, the military recognizes cyberspace as a sphere of operations. This means it needs to organize, train and equip forces to perform cybermissions -- think of them as cybercommandos.

Second, the military has equipped its networks with active defenses.

Third, the Department of Homeland Security is working to ensure that the United States´ critical infrastructure is protected. Military cybercapabilities will be made available to the civilian authorities to protect civilian infrastructure.

Fourth, the U.S. is building cooperative defenses with its allies.

Fifth, it´s marshaling the nation´s technological and human resources to ensure it maintains its preeminence in cyberspace.

In addition, Lynn announced a program to increase the number of National Guard and armed forces reserve units that have a dedicated cybermission.

You can found the interactive webcast of the speech here:

mercoledì 16 febbraio 2011

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