Cyberwarfare and its damaging effects on citizens

The paper analyzes the damaging effects, in terms of loss of human lifes, that an hypothetical cyber-war or individual acts of cyberwarfare could cause to citizens of a nation under attack.

lunedì 31 gennaio 2011

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Stefano Mele il giorno 02/05/2011 18.07.12 scrive:

Thanks Pauline, I look forward to read your book. Please keep me informed.

Professor Pauline C. Reich il giorno 28/04/2011 07.17.11 scrive:

Please stay tuned for my new book with Dr. Eduardo Gelbstein, formerly of the United Nations, to be published by IGI Global in the United States later this year. I have done a case study on the Mumbai attacks as well as chapters on such issues as definitions that can be used by the law and policy communities, Internet surveillance/privacy/security, possible legal theories for dealing with cybersecurity.

mrethiopian il giorno 21/03/2011 03.27.58 scrive:

Stefano, your effects as you say could already be happening,simply by poor programming or poor regression testing, shitty management,or simple human error and the fact that people have not died and could die based on your verbiage is a moot point, nothing is ever 100% and shit just breaks. Their will come a time time when all systems will be challenged or tested, for some of us being an enthusiast has noting to do with money or showmanship it all comes down to simple personal achievement; some humans climb mount Everest others simply love a good challenge.

CommanderSaini il giorno 16/02/2011 04.31.50 scrive:

Dear Stefano Mele, It is a good paper where you have rightly highlighted the issue of human suffering due to cyberwar. Following are few inputs which are relevant to this paper: (a) In Nov 2001 India and US had agreed to work together against cyber terrorism. But when the actual implementation was worked out in April 2002, it became apparent that it may not be possible to isolate the cyber terrorists on the internet thus to get they effective results cyber security needs to be looked at more comprehensively. Thus born the Indo-US Cyber Security Forum (I coordinated this forum. (b) The cyber war unlike normal war is undeclared and continuing activity. At least surveillance of potential enemy is always an ongoing process. A country fail to take this step will suffer humiliation in future. (c) A large scale awareness is the necessity because not only there are unfaithful but also lack of awareness make human as easy target of social engineering and thus create a path to a technically strong and secure system. (d) International treaties and conventions are critical to control the human suffering due to nation-state launching overt or covert attack on systems. In fact way back in 1999 while studying for my post graduation in Defense and Strategic studies I had submitted a paper on "Convention of Cyber War". Well done and warm regards Commander Mukesh Saini (Retd.)